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    I bought a OnePlus One while I was visiting the U.S.A. I just returned to my home in Ecuador and I'm seeing orange icon indicators for my carrier's network. (The carrier is Claro, and they support GSM 850, and 900 as does the OnePlus One.) When I have both Wi-Fi and the carrier connection turned on, the icons are white and I receive data from the internet. If I disable the Wi-Fi connection, the carrier's icon remains white until I try to access the internet, and then turns orange, and it complains of being unable to access the internet, but phone calls work. I've tried doing the factory reset on the phone (twice), but that didn't help.

    My old phone, a Nexus 5, worked fine with Claro. Does anyone have a suggestion what to try next?
    03-27-2015 02:49 PM

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