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    Using Internet it won't play videos and it says sorry this video cannot be played
    03-28-2015 04:36 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    Not sure how to put it other than to say it's sometimes a glitch. Now I've been to sites that only offer flashplayer vids and those usually show up with a puzzle piece and say you need flashplayer, but I've also been to sites like LiveLeak where the vid loads or trys to load and then it comes back that this vid cannot be played. The reason I think it's a glitch of some kind is because I've been watching a vid and try to fast forward or rewind and then it will say that it can't play the vid that I was clearly just watching. Often if that happens I can refresh the page and it will play like before. The only time I have real issues with just not being able to play a vid that I was watching that now says that it cannot be played is when I'm in app. Usually though I don't care much about those vids and just let it go, so I'm not sure if closing the app and going back in would be the same as refreshing the page for like Chrome...? I almost think it's when I have a weak signal or maybe there is heavy site traffic on the server or something like that because the vid obviously was just playing. Rarely I'll find a site or link that just won't play at all, but usually it seems it happens when I put some kind of demand on the system by jumping past what it has buffered. My best advice is to reload the page. YouTube will sometimes not play vids but when that happens it usually says that it cannot play them on mobile devices which is an owner thing selected by the poster of the vid.
    03-28-2015 07:31 AM

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