1. AC Question's Avatar
    OK so I was going through my mom's Galaxy S3 mini and I went into settings -> storage -> miscellaneous files and observed that the WhatsApp files were hogging around 1 GB data and I cleared the miscellaneous files but now all the media she ever sent or received is gone....

    How do I recover the media? I went to WhatsApp -> settings -> chat settings and it says"Last backup: Never ".

    But I thought WhatsApp made backups 4 am every morning? Please help me... It's urgent !!
    03-31-2015 11:47 AM
  2. dakshay95's Avatar
    Guys, can someone help? How do I recover the Whatsapp miscellaneous files that I have deleted? There are plenty of pics like I said...

    Note: I am the OP...
    04-01-2015 04:40 AM

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