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    I have a drone RC helicopter and it has a camera..the sd card has footage on it but wont allow me to play them
    04-01-2015 09:28 AM
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    The camera won't allow you to play the videos, or another device won't allow you to play them? I'm going to assume the latter... First the device has to be able to see the video as such, which may mean that your video format is unrecognized by the device. In that case you will have to either find a player that has a codec for that format or change the format. Changing the format may involve downloading to a PC or laptop reformatting and up loading it to the SD again. I haven't seen or found a format tool for an android device yet, but that's not say there isn't one. Also if you are transferring the card from one device to another you may have to move the videos to a different folder in order for the secondary device to find it. For example, most cameras will format SD cards and categorize the captures into formats, such as video or pictures. Those file paths may often look something like this; SLR784>DCIM>100Media>Pictures (or Videos). This file format may be too deep, too many layers, for your secondary device to dive looking for media. So moving the files to a folder format like this may help; DCIM>100Media or SD>Videos or simply placing them on the root of the SD, may allow your secondary device to find them. This is easy enough to accomplish with a file manager such as Astro, or ES File Manager, or a PC/laptop. If you feel it's a codec thing there are several players at the PS; MX Player and PCL Player are two that come to mind that have a ton of compatibility and are good players.

    In your response please specify what device you wish to play the videos on, what file format they are, and what device is taking the video. These answers will yeild you better and possibly more specific responses.
    04-01-2015 09:52 AM

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