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    In a few days I will be converting from iOS to Android in the form of either the new s6 or s6 Edge. I have really been leaning towards the edge since it is beautiful and unique in design, but I do have a few concerns. The main thing I am worried about is the lack of tempered glass screen protection for the Edge. From all my research online it seems that the process for producing a protector with the curved glass is extremely hard and expensive, meaning we may not see a quality one for a very long time. Ideally I would like to take my new phone out of the box and slap a case and screen protector on it immediately. The film ones simply don't cut it and won't do the screen on the s6 any justice. Which gets me to thinking I should possibly go with the standard model since the edge doesn't offer any functionality I particularly care about, just a crazy beautiful design (and just as a side note, price is not an issue in my decision). I've been thinking about this for so long and I simply can't decide! Any advice is welcome I want to know what all of you out there would do!
    04-08-2015 12:13 AM
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    I personally went with the regular S6. I didn't feel that there was enough functionality to the Edge just yet. There are only a few features and those are OK. I am going to wait till the second version comes out and they have added more features to the Edge.
    04-10-2015 07:36 AM

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