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    MY optimus V is having issues charging and thinking about upgrading. The tribute seems far superior in every category than my Optimus V. I'm worried about the lack of usable memory on the Tribute. 1.4 GB sounds like a lot to me, but a few reviews say it gets used up quickly. How many apps can I actually install in 1.4GB?

    I use hotmail, Amazon Kindle, Coolreader, EverNote, and the browser the most on the Optimus V. I am constantly running out of space, so can't install much else. Have a small SD card that has lots of space on it.

    How is the camera on the Tribute? It sounds like it should be much better, but some reviewers weren't impressed.

    How is the sound? Are calls about the same quality? Is the ring tone at least as loud?

    Should I wait for a sale on the LG Volt? Get a different phone entirely?

    Virgin Mobile is my carrier. Would like to keep the price below $80.

    Is the black version from Amazon any different-other than color- than the white one from Virgin Mobile?
    04-10-2015 12:08 AM

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