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    I've been reading a lot of answers here regarding battery life of the G2 and i am surprised to read that some people report having 5-6 hours or screen on time. I only get 3+ hours of sot with around 35% left. I had 4 hours of sot once with 40-45% left the other day.

    And today, i've been playing around with themes on my phone and when checked the battery life, it only has 2+ hrs. of sot with 58% left.

    Android OS was the biggest factor with 88% and screen with only 8%. Is there something wrong? And how long do you guys keep your phone off the charger, until what %? (Sorry if i have too many questions, i'm new here) Thanks in advance
    04-11-2015 05:19 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    With normal use of a phone, Screen will always, or at least nearly always, top the list of battery usage in the Battery Usage stats. The battery usage by Android System - which is often the next highest battery user with normal use of the phone - in the instance that you mention, is abnormally high. Often, a Power Off and Restart will fix it. What has caused it in your case is uncertain, but make sure all your basic settings - location, syncing, wifi, preferred network - are suitable for your own needs. Experimenting with themes may have caused the problem in your case.
    The G2 does indeed have a reputation for good battery life. I recommend that you register as a member and start posting in the LG G2 forum for more device-specific advice.

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    04-11-2015 05:49 AM

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