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    i have just recently noticed that my photos/ gallery app is not showing some of my photos. When i click into some of the pictures i have take im displayed a black screen saying "media not found" this has only happened recently and everytime i take new photos, a couple of days later they show up as the same message media not found... the photos arent corrupt or anything because i can still view them on my laptop when i hook my m8 up to it its only on the device apps i can view them. what could this be ive tried swapping them from device to sd card to see maybe it was my sd card was corrupt but again no joy. Ive also tried deleting these images where they then disappear for a few hours then magically return back. i looked on-line for answers but there doesn't seem to be any other people out there with the same problem. any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as it is starting to become a pain
    04-11-2015 02:41 PM

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