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    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" mainly for accessing internet and viewing pictures at home. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for my phone and internet usage and take it with me everywhere. On Note 3, when I read newspaper, the font size is just perfect for my liking though I need to scroll down to read the entire article because most won't fit on a single page which I don't mind. On Tab S 10.5", because of the bigger screen size, most articles fits on a single page (I don't need to scroll down) but the font is too small for my liking (even smaller than that appearing on Note 3). And when I enlarge the font size by pinching-out (zooming-in) the senctence extends beyond the tablet margin, I then need to scroll sideway to read the full sentence which is annoying. How can I adjust the font size and have the column automatically adjusted to fit the tablet screen so I do not need to scroll sideways to read every word in a sentence. Or is this the issue with the newsapaper and not the device? On Note 3, the font size seems perfect without requiring any zooming at all for all newspaper and magazine. Thanks all.
    04-13-2015 10:14 AM
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    If you're using Chrome, open a tab, tap on the menu button (three dots), select SETTINGS, go to ACCESSIBILITY, and adjust the Text Scaling to your liking.

    Note that sometimes some sites force the layout, so even if you zoom in/out, the layout cannot autoadjust to the screen size.
    04-13-2015 10:41 AM
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    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    I don't have a tablet, I just have a Note 3.

    Well to start it off - have you tried to change the device font, and the Internet browsers text size via a scale and other settings.

    I would be surprised if News apps and other browsers don't have font and readability settings.

    Have you tried the Reading Mode, and long pressed it to see if your news source is included?

    Bear in mind the Tab S 10.5 has 288 pixels per inch, where the Note 3 has 386 ppi.
    I don't know if that is significant in real life, but I think it helps make text clearer for the same size.

    I know the Tab S has 4k resolution, but go figure it's diluted by the size.

    I too would be interested in further input, as I have put off buying a tablet like the Tab S or Tab Pro 8.4, though the 10 inch models are now not much more.
    04-13-2015 10:56 AM

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