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    I am currently a Verizon pre-paid user. I have great luck with my service but there's a catch, the phones they offer with pre-paid are awful. So I've been shopping around to see what phones are available through Verizon.

    Any who, I called the closest Verizon store and asked them if it were possible to put a nicer phone like the LG-G3 on their pre-paid network. The gentlemen told me it was doable. Well fast-forward to tonight. I was doing some shopping at Best Buy and I decided to look around at their phones. I noticed Verizon had an unactivated, Samsung Galaxy 3 for $149. And just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, that was the price without a contract. That same phone is available in the pre-paid section for $269. So I flagged a blue shirt down and asked him what the difference was? They were the same phones, right down to the CDMA. He told me that I couldn't buy that phone and put it on pre-paid. He said something about the frequencies for contract users being different then pre-paid.

    So what I want to know was, who's telling me the truth?

    04-13-2015 10:06 PM

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