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    Okay well, I was downloading an app and I didnt have enough space, so it didnt download , but left what it was taking away. I want thst storage back, it was like 500 MB.


    I have 700 MB, I download an app with 700 MB, it starts downloading and is at 95% done. With 400 MB left ot stops. The app didnt download but it left what it took. Please help.
    04-14-2015 08:47 PM
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    The operating system needs a certain minimum amount of storage for itself, so it won't let you fill storage past that point.

    Look in your Download folder, and delete everything in there (unless you downloaded something you want to keep, then move it to where you want it). An apk file is an app, and if the app is installed, you don't need the apk file left in Download.

    Look in Settings/General/Storage/Misc. If there's data in there from apps you no longer use, delete it.

    Cache is temporary storage. An app may store something it's going to need later, use it, then fail to delete it. (Not all people who create apps are great programmers - some are just people using apps to create apps.) Clearing cache just deletes all that data that's sitting there for an app that's no longer running, so it can never use that data. Clearing the system cache is about the same thing, but it's data used by the system that's not going to be needed any more.

    I'm guessing that you have an older phone, with not that much storage, and the problem is that app creation is getting sloppier, resulting in larger apps, requiring phones with more storage. (That's one reason carriers make it so easy to upgrade your phone - so you don't keep complaining that you're running out of space.) Back up all your apps and their data, then uninstall the ones you don't usually use. If you need one you can reinstall it and its data, use it, back up the data and uninstall the app again.
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    04-15-2015 04:44 PM

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