1. batya7's Avatar
    New to Android.

    Last week I opened a website I've visited many times and downloaded a PDF of events occurring during the Passover vacation. Now, when I open my browser (either Chrome or the default one that was installed on Galaxy Note 4) this same PDF downloads itself automatically!

    l had Firefox and used it as my preferred browser. I thought it was happening because of FF, so I deleted FF completely. But it is still downloading on the other browsers.

    l went to to the downloads folder and deleted the multiple PDFs there. I cleared history and cookies in the browsers. It still re-downloaded again after that.

    What could be causing this? Does my phone have a virus?

    I can't even tell you what exact URL is causing the download because it flashes in the address bar quickly then is covered by the most recent URL I used.

    Please help me stop this crazy PDF! Thanks in advance.
    04-15-2015 10:28 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Try the same sequence on a desktop or laptop. It sounds like something the site is doing - an immediate redirect to the pdf file.
    04-16-2015 01:47 AM
  3. batya7's Avatar
    l don't have the URL of what's being downloaded. l suppose I could try to Google it...
    What do you think it is that would cause it to act the same on my mobile as on a desktop?
    04-19-2015 03:39 AM

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