1. Madhur Kumar's Avatar
    Few days ago, i was trying some proxy and VPN apps like Drony and many more... so that i can unblock the internet served by college WiFi (Cyberoam security). but after some days, a strange problem occurred , None of the Google apps like Google play etc. were working on my 3G reliance network.. also i tried at some other networks also..but they didn't worked.
    The thing is that they only work on my college WiFi and nowhere else..
    i.e if i am at home ,i can not open play store or Gmail app..

    now my friends are using Psiphon to unblock the college WiFi , But when i use Psiphon ,then it blocks all the net... that is i can not even use my browsers to search anything... no play store ,no Google app ,nothing except COC and Whatsapp.
    with psiphon ,i can send and receive messages on whatsapp but cant download pics vids etc
    but yeah , with Psiphon i am able to play Clash of clans on college WiFi...which was not working on college WiFi alone....
    i also cannot sync my COC progress with Google ...as on my 3G network ,Google apps doesn't work
    and the game doesn't work on college WiFi
    and with WiFi and Psiphon ,again all the Google apps stop working...
    I have tried factory resetting ...nothing worked..
    device - Gionee P2 4.2.2 jellybean
    04-16-2015 09:33 AM
  2. Ahmad Sibki's Avatar
    hope someone will see this
    its been a while now and im having this problem
    so on 3g facebook and gmail and some apps dont load
    but whatsapp working smoothly
    UNLESS i used psiphon!!!
    then everything will work and load and no problem
    it started like 2 or 3 months ago
    did anyone know the solution???
    i started to have the same issue even on my wifi netwerk...the facebook doesnt load (on laptop too ) without turning Psiphon on...but then I reset the settings of my router and it worked!!
    so I thought maybe if i format my mobile then it will work on 3g...but it did't
    so what the hell?!!
    please help
    btw my mobile is mega 5.8 but i dont this matters
    07-09-2015 08:33 PM

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