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    I had a motorola Photon XT897, which had hotspot and ran all my internet through it for my pc and table and had very good speed and connection. I was able to use my phone at the same time as being online on my laptop. This was very important as I run a business and communicate with customers at the same time as trouble shooting issues online with them. My phone's screen recently cracked and I decided I would get a new phone. I bought the Lg 2 flex curve and soon found out that while using my hotspot, that I when ever I took a phone call, my laptop internet would say disconnected. I called my provider Sprint and they told me that the LG flex had only 1 antenna and could not allow me to multi task on phone and internet at the same time. This is very frustrating and I have to have a phone that can multi task with data and phone at the same time. What new or older smart phones would you recommend me to get that would allow me to continue multitasking phone and data at the same time? From what I hear, most newer phones only have 1 antenna and do not allow you to use data and phone at the same time anymore. uuuuugh...Not good.
    04-16-2015 08:38 PM
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    Welcome to the forums. After poking a bit here and there, I found that any Sprint device that is Spark enabled, can't surf and talk at the same time. The caveat is if you are on a wifi connection, you can do both.

    Sprint’s Spark LTE network disables data when handling calls | Ars Technica

    As for a device that isn't Spark enabled, I am honestly having a hard time finding some. I think by now, they are almost all Spark enabled.
    04-16-2015 09:52 PM

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