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    3 months ago, I bought my dad a Galaxy core 2 phone from Dubai while he lives abroad, he called me 2 days ago claiming his phone is charging in a crazy way!! He even bought a new battery and a new charger but nothing happened, the problem only got worse!

    What is happening is when he plugs his phone to the charger, it takes the phone almost an hour to go fully charged (which is weird), but when my dad unplugs it, it suddenly drops to 35 or 45% and even if he tries to replug it, it jumps to 100%! Even when he leaves it for hours charging, the same thing happens

    Best regards and thank you in advance
    04-17-2015 03:21 PM
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    Weird indeed. The sudden drop would indicate a huge power drain, probably hardware-related. If the phone has ever been wet, or very cold then brought into a warm place (which produces condensation, which causes water damage), that would be one explanation.

    Dendrites in the battery would also do it, but two batteries throwing a dendrite at the same discharge point would be very long odds - like being hit by a particular antenna that fell off a particular satellite, and knowing it would happen 2 weeks in advance.

    As far as taking the phone an hour to go to full charge, that;s about normal for a battery that's about 60% discharged. If he's draining the battery to near 0 every time, that would cause all sorts of problems, and what he's seeing could be part of it - you should never drain a lithium battery lower than 40%.

    Otherwise, it has to go to a repair sop to diagnose the problem.
    04-17-2015 06:46 PM

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