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    I haven't noticed many changes since updating to Lollipop (I'm assuming there are changes somewhere that I just don't notice!), but the changes to the lock screen are very frustrating! I had a nice large clock on there before, and all the little notifications at the top. This let me know if there was anything new (like a FB message, which is usually from my kids), and the clock was easy to see. Now I have to have all these big notifications (or none at all), and a tiny, thin clock that I can hardly see, esp. when outside (I work outside and use my phone as my clock, instead of wearing a watch). There is no longer an option under the lock screen settings to allow widgets on the lock screen (why would they take this away???). Has anyone found a way to make changes to the lock screen? Also--is there another way to silence my phone, other than to choose "do not disturb"? There used to be a quick way to silence it--I need to do this at work and church. Thanks!
    04-17-2015 10:11 PM

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