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    Hi, I'm using an unlocked Verizon LG G2 on a T-Mobile network. My phone is working fine, except that I can't software update it (and I still had this problem with my phone while still on the Verizon network months before I switched it over to T-Mobile, so I know it can't have anything to do with either of the service networks).
    I'm not getting any software updates from T-Mobile, and I even tried re-inserting a Verizon sim-card into the phone to see if I could get an update from Verizon, but my phone won't read the sim card, and when I attempt to update it, it continues to say "Software download was unsuccessful. We were not able to download this update. To retry, go to Settings > System updates."

    I've already tried factory resetting it, but that didn't help either.

    Is there something wrong with my phone? Or is there a way I can fix this? I would like to get the 5.0 Lollipop update, but can't.
    04-18-2015 10:41 PM
  2. mandimomo's Avatar
    I'm having the SAME. EXACT issue! I have an unlocked Verizon Lg G2 with T-mobile cell service! I was able to download the last update but I cannot download this new update & it driving me nuts because the update you & I are having problems with is for Lollipop! I am running on Kitkat but I WANT Lollipop! If you figure out how to update this LG G2 Lollipop update PLEASE let me know & I'll do the same for you! Good luck & thanks!
    05-05-2015 05:22 AM
  3. Shanb29's Avatar
    Did anyone get an answer or figure it out. I am having the same issue but I have Verizon.
    11-10-2015 05:30 AM

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