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    Hi*all. Looking for a small device to replace a sorta subpar setup I currently have for digital music playback in my stereo. It doesn't have to be Android by any means, but I figured that's the most likely candidate just due to variety.
    Right now, I have a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV, and I use it to pass*local files and streaming playback to Airport Express, which feeds a passable Keces DAC. The sound quality is actually pretty good, but the setup is cumbersome, and the AE*drops connection a couple seconds at a time multiple times per song.
    Without going into too much detail, the layout and arrangement*of our little house doesn't let us have the TV and*the stereo close enough to wire directly from the Mac to the DAC, so I'm looking to get a different device to wire directly to my DAC if it isn't very big at all.*If an iPod Touch or Android phone, or*even a small tablet had a digital output I could feed the DAC with, that would be*fine. Local files and streaming apps, and I'd be happy. I'd prefer not to spend iriver kind of money if possible. Anyone know of a*device that includes local storage (SD is fine), wi-fi, a display, and s/pdif without costing a fortune or taking up tons of space?


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    04-19-2015 12:22 PM
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    S/PDIF on an Android? None that I've ever heard of. Not even an adapter to convert to an ADC (which would kind of defeat the quality you're looking for anyway). Phones are analog in the audio output area.
    04-19-2015 03:01 PM

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