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    If my phone is connected to my laptop when I take some screenshots, the directory listing on the laptop refuses to update properly. I either can't see any new files since the device was plugged in, or the files show up but they're all length 0.

    Sometimes, if I add or delete a file in the Droid directory, and then look at another directory and come back, the directory contents will be updated, but not very often.

    Is there something I can do, short of unplugging and replugging the phone, to get the driver to update the contents of the directory consistently? Unplugging and replugging doesn't always work right (driver sometimes fails to notice device has been plugged in).

    Tom the Toolman
    04-21-2015 06:38 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which Motorola phone do you have? Older Motorola phones could mount as a USB Mass Storage Device, which means that the "Internal SD" is not accessible by the phone while mounted to the computer.
    04-22-2015 01:56 AM
  3. Tom the Toolman's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply. I have a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD, not rooted, Android version 4.4.2, system version 182.46.15.XT926.Verizon.en.US. I'm connecting it to my Windows 7 SP1 laptop. MTP is enabled, PTP is not. When I connect the phone, I can see both "Internal storage" and "SD card" under "DROID RAZR HD". I can access files on both storage mediums. The screenshots are in internal storage under Pictures\Screenshots.

    I typically copy the files I see there to a save area on a media server in my local network, and then I move them to a temporary area on the laptop to work with them. This works fine the first time.

    If II take additional screenshots while the phone is connected, the directory under internal storage sometimes shows the new files, but they are shown as length 0 (which I find they are not when I either verify them on the phone or reconnect the phone successfully). Other times, the new files do not appear at all.

    I have noticed that I will lose connectivity with the device if I let the screen time out and the phone turns off the display (on reawakening it, I must enter my passcode at the unlock screen). Typically, nothing works after this happens and I must disconnect and reconnect the phone.

    Tom the Toolman
    04-22-2015 08:49 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Two things to try:

    1. After taking a screenshot, try refreshing Windows Explorer (either by pressing F5 or going to the File or View menu and clicking Refresh).

    2. I'm not sure if the screen timeout thing is supposed to happen--I don't recall that issue ever happening on my Nexus 5. But as a workaround, you could go to Settings>Developer Options and check Stay Awake, which will keep the screen on as long as it's charging. If you don't see Developer Options, then go to Settings>About Phone‚Äč and tap Build Number 7 times.
    04-22-2015 11:20 AM

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