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  1. AC Question's Avatar
    I would like to turn the vibration off in all other cases except when I receive a phone call or an SMS. In general, I don't want my phone to vibrate when I'm holding it in my hand and using it actively. Therefore, I would like to turn the vibration off for example when I edit the home screen (when I touch an app icon so long that the phone offers me the possibility to move it to the home screen, or remove it from the home screen), or when I choose a picture for deletion in the picture album. My phone seems to vibrate a lot, and since I've heard you can pretty much change every setting in Android, there must be settings for turning off the vibration, too, right?

    My phone is Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (lollipop).
    04-22-2015 09:11 AM
  2. Florian Schulenberg's Avatar
    Hi! Its easy. Just turn down the volume with the side-buttons. Then a new window is going to appear. Just type on silent. Thats it! (works on z2 lollipop)

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    Attached Thumbnails How to turn off vibration in general, or in the home screen and album etc. in Xperia Z3 Compact?-150051.jpg   How to turn off vibration in general, or in the home screen and album etc. in Xperia Z3 Compact?-150050.jpg  
    04-22-2015 09:31 AM
  3. BenL's Avatar
    If you want to turn off vibration when you tap the screen, go to Settings -> "Sound and Notifications" -> Other Sounds and then toggle "Vibrate on Touch".
    07-08-2015 01:45 AM
  4. TKMugen's Avatar
    No, I agree the vibrate can be a problem, for instance some apps have a wonky vibrate I'm afraid will hurt the motor, or others overuse it and will drain the battery. The only other problem with vibrate is that sometimes a pop-up surfing the Web will make the phone vibrate and I would love to disable the vibrate for everything EXCEPT phone calls, and txts as well.
    12-28-2015 08:55 PM
  5. Che F's Avatar
    Im using xperia M5 i did all of that but still it vibrates the notification of the game as well as when you put earphone or headphones,
    06-21-2016 07:07 AM
  6. Magyarmedstudent94's Avatar
    This worked for me, I have Z3+/Z4
    1.Go settings
    2.choose sound & notification
    3.choose other sounds
    4.uncheck all of the options
    5.grab a beer and enjoy
    06-28-2016 12:23 PM
  7. Albona's Avatar
    Nope, didn't work, drives me nuts, however I did grab a beer
    07-15-2016 10:09 AM
  8. eL_pELoN's Avatar
    From Xperia X performance

    1. Settings
    2. Sound and notifications
    3. Other sounds
    4. Slide vibrate on touch
    5. Thanks to Jebus!!
    09-15-2016 05:27 AM

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