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    I have a few work-related Google accounts on my phone that are tied to a few different Google Voice numbers. When a voicemail is left on one of the numbers, I get a transcript and audio link email sent to that account's GMail. I can open the message and see the transcript and have the 'Play message' link. But when I open the Play message link, it opens Chrome and then asks me to Choose an action. My only options are Camera, Camcorder, Sound Recorder and Documents. I can't choose the stock audio player, nor any 3rd party MP3 player apps that I've downloaded trying to solve this problem.

    When I used to do this it would either download the message where I could open it from the status bar at the top, or it would download and automatically play the MP3-format voicemail in the stock audio player. If I go to the app launcher and go to Downloads and pick an older voicemail and tap on it, it immediately starts to play with the stock app. So that tells me that the stock app is still installed and still plays audio files.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Also Droid Maxx with 4.4.4. Haven't updated OS in months and this worked as recently as 1-2 weeks ago.
    04-22-2015 06:54 PM

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