1. vinnyzilla's Avatar
    Note4 Verizon--- trying to find a text assistant like I had on windows 8 phone that will work on my bluetooth and hands free interrupt my music or streaming radio while i'm at the gym. My windows 8 phone would interrupt hands free and tell me i had a text and whom it was from and asked if I wanted to reply or ignore and edit or add to message before you give the command to send and it was just great feature cz I could leave my phone in gym bag and it was all hands free and even restart my music or streaming radio!!!! And since I when back to droid note4 I love being back to a real phone again but I'm really missing the technology I had with my old windows 8 phone as I mentioned. Can I get some advice on which proggy will work for me and answer my text and interrupt and be hands free while i'm on bluetooth on my note4 phone? I'm using beats wireless bluetooth of that makes any difference?

    I've tried s voice and that not work well, I've tried "assistant" girl and not work how I want, and dragon mobile didn't work well and interfered with my voice recognition in a bad way and skyvi worked the best so far but not hands free on reply so not worthy for my needs... moto voice was not compatable with my phone it said... I'm very frustrated but I know there has got to be a program that will match what I had on windows8 phone. Can I get some help and good advice on this issue? Thanks You guys and gals in advance, Vinnyzilla
    04-22-2015 11:28 PM
  2. cz9h3d's Avatar
    I have this same question. Current Lumia user, and this feature is killer. My iPhone can do almost the same thing, other than I have to activate and ask Siri to read new messages.
    I'm seriously thinking of going back to Android. I know I can get a Moto X, and Moto Assist will essentially do the same thing (my wife has a 1st gen). But the battery (and camera) in the 2nd gen aren't getting me all that excited to go this route.
    Will any other android phones support this and/or will an app? I've seen recommendations for Assist, but reading through it I'm not totally convinced it will do the same.
    04-23-2015 01:15 PM

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