1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I am unable to download any apps on my Samsung galaxy S5 mini. I have done the simple things like Cleared Cache on the play store, restarted the phone but still no joy.

    An example to the problem. I am trying to download Skype (applies to all other apps I have tried too). Even though on the play store it shows as if the app is being downloaded, my phone would have a download arrow in the top left everytime I downloaded an app, that arrow no longer appears and there is no download at the end.

    Please can someone help.


    04-23-2015 10:28 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you clear Google Play Store's cache, are also Clearing Data as well? Make sure you do that. Also, in the App Manager, select Download Manager and Clear Cache/Clear Data as well.

    If that doesn't help, try removing your Google account completely (in Settings>Accounts​), then adding it back again.
    04-23-2015 11:13 AM

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