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    Hi everyone

    I'm having some trouble with the latest update to android on my S4 active.

    Since the update I haven't been able to access mobile data on my device. I've read elsewhere on the internet of people having similar problems, and the advice seems to be to do a factory reset. Now, it's reasonably easy to figure out to do this, but I'm concerned about retaining my data, apps and settings, etc. It looks like all this stuff is backed up by google, but there seems to be zero info on where it is stored or how to restore all this stuff after the reset. Anyone know where I should be looking?

    04-23-2015 03:38 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Hello Jack and welcome to Android Central.

    I don't think it would be necessary to Factory Reset because you can't connect to Mobile Data. Have you tried all the normal things? ...Removing and reseating the SIM. Power Off and Restart. Toggling Airplane Mode. Toggling Mobile Data.

    A Cache Partition wipe may be a good idea, too. It's good practice after an update, and causes no loss of personal data.

    We can guide you through Factory Resetting, and backing up as much as possible beforehand, should that prove to be necessary.

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    04-23-2015 06:03 PM
  3. joefission's Avatar
    Hi there, thanks for the reply. I've tried all the usual stuff regarding taking out sims, resetting the phone, toggling modes, etc. On your advice, I've just tried wiping the cache partition, but that didn't work.

    Is there anything else I could try before going for the factory reset?

    04-26-2015 05:59 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome as a new member.

    Sorry those things didn't work but they're worth a try. I'll refer your post to members more knowledgeable than I am so you may get a response from them here in due course.
    Meanwhile here are a couple of guides to help with Factory Resetting, should it come to that:

    From Paul627g:

    From VW Maverick:

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    04-26-2015 06:09 AM
  5. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Samsung has a PC program called Kies that can back up a lot of stuff, but game data, as far as I know, isn't one of them. Kies can be found on Samsung's website.
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    04-26-2015 08:52 AM
  6. joefission's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the replies.

    I followed your instructions, backed up the phone, and did the factory reset. I am sorry to say that the mobile data is still not working. This is after trying toggling flight mode and data mode on and off, restarting, etc. Not sure where to go from here.
    04-27-2015 09:05 AM
  7. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I would suggest taking it into your carrier. They may be able to fix it by reflashing the ROM.

    From an AOSP M8
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    04-27-2015 11:04 PM

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