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    So, I am FAR from tech savvy so be gentle. I have the Lg G3 and they sent me the system upgrade, so I upgraded it. After the very long upgrade, almost all of my pictures and all of my ringtones were gone. I was lucky enough to have put all my pictures on my computer a couple days earlier, so that's not a huge deal. Plus, I found them on the cloud thing. The ringtone issue on the other hand, is a pain in my ****! They're not in the cloud thing. I had the incredible 2 prior to this phone, and my ringtones came to his phone from that one. I loved my ringtones!! I've been downloading all sorts of apps today to try and find my songs but I've had NO luck. I even bought some songs, thinking I could make them into ringtones but that isn't working either. Does anyone know anything that can help me out? Either helping me find my lost ringtones or a new app or something that I can find new ringtones on? Please please help.... Thanks, Ally
    04-24-2015 07:30 PM
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    1) Zedge. Download the ringtones and move them to your Ringtones folder or use the free Zedge app.

    2) Ringtone Maker on the phone or Audacity on a PC to turn any music into a ringtone (you want to export it as an mp3 file in Audacity). You can select whatever part you want, chop off some of the beginning, chop off some of the end, and/or change the volume, in either one.
    04-24-2015 11:04 PM

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