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    I was looking through my gallery on my Galaxy S4, when I came across a photo in my downloaded photos that I cannot recall taking. My phone is password protected and the only one who knows it is my boyfriend, who said he didn't take it (he's still on an iPhone 3, so I'm choosing to believe him). The picture is of a shelf full of porcelain dolls, and on one side there is a very old door. Next to the door frame is a pair of legs, dangling at least 5 feet off the ground. They appear to be toddler size, and the picture cuts off at the waist. There is nothing visible holding up the legs (i.e. no one holding a child). I was so weirded out looking at the photo, I deleted it. It was a blurry photo that I thought was a screen shot, but I am terrified of horror films and won't have been looking up any trailers, especially on my phone.

    Has anyone had similar situations? I hate sounding frantic, but this is very weird.
    04-24-2015 10:26 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Cue Twilight Zone music ...

    Were you using the stock Gallery app? Was it in a folder called Downloads? Most images that the user saves from either the browser or most apps goes to the Downloads folder, so it's possible that at some point, you might have inadvertently saved an image while browsing. If the photo was still there, you could try bringing up its Details to see if there is any info on when it was taken, what camera was used, and possibly the location.
    04-25-2015 08:16 PM

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