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    My S4 battery is draining supper fast. After fully charging the battery it only lasts 4 - 6 hours. When I go to the battery usage center, it says that the major user is the Android OS. Is there something going on in the background I can shut down to stop the OS from using so much battery?

    04-25-2015 07:32 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    Is your phone waking frequently, especially overnight? Try a wakelock-detector-type app to find out what's going on.
    Often, a simple Power Off and Restart of the phone will fix Android OS excessive battery use.
    You may also choose to restrict background use in your app manager, although this needs to be done with due consideration of the effects.

    A poor radio signal will also draw heavily on the battery, and may be having that effect in tandem with Android OS.

    Let us know if you want further advice on battery-saving.

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    04-25-2015 08:21 AM

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