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    I have moved my apps to SD Card. But when i go to the file viewer on the phone or connect the phone to my computer and view the files all the files for that app which was moved to SD card still show up on phone memory. For eg. I moved Sygic which is a GPS app to SD Card *** the offline maps are huge in size. Buut when I view the files its all stored on phone memory and also when I download more maps on the app my phone memory gets eaten up. Any idea why ?? Whats the point of moving it to SD card when it still stores everything on phone memory.
    04-25-2015 11:35 AM
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    Some of the app code itself (not all of it) gets moved to the SD card, but since Android is written to look for code in internal storage, links to those pieces that were moved are left in internal storage. So you see "Sygic" in internal storage, but that's just the name of the link to the main part of the app.

    As for the maps, that depends on how the app is written. Some of them are hard-coded to store data internally, others allow you to specify where data gets stored. If there's nothing in Sygic's settings to store maps on the SD card, email the developer. (It's possible that the maps can't be read from the SD card the way Sygic is written. The card isn't exactly "just plain storage", it's close, but not close enough for some purposes. (And that's not an Android thing, it's a Linux thing.)
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    04-25-2015 06:22 PM

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