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    I have a galaxy S3 and the battery has recently been dropping an unreasonable amount. I go to school with it fully charged, and after 8 hrs. of not using it, the battery is as low as 2%. On another occasion, I charged my phone fully overnight, used it for about 10-15 min. and it was down to 31%. I charged it until it was full and left it alone. By the end of the day (again, I didn't use it at all) it was 48%.
    04-25-2015 09:24 PM
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    You must make sure that wifi and mobile data is off when not in use as these are both high drain on batteries on any phone now days. Also keep your brightness level low or on auto as again this is a high drain too. Another thing that it could be is the battery itself especially if your phone is over 2 years old as lithium batteries start to deplete after this time scale and will need charging more as they can't hold the charge long. Consider a new battery if this is the case and make sure you get a genuine one and not a cheap copy off eBay as this will damage your phone totally. Good luck.

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    04-26-2015 01:40 AM

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