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    I have the TMO S6 Edge and noticed that certain websites while connected to LTE are not working. Some example sites are netflix.com, engadget.com. Last night I also noticed that me receiving text messages was not working correctly as well. I got about 10-12 messages all of a sudden at midnight but they were clearly from earlier in the day. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    I went into the T-Mobile Store and asked. They weren't able to reproduce the issue on one of the employees S6 Edge. They suggested that it might be antivirus software? I haven't installed anything besides what already comes installed on the phone.

    Any suggestions?
    04-26-2015 09:43 AM
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    Delayed text is usually a network issue, but it could be on the senders' network(s). Websites not working? There are probably about a million sites not working at any given moment (out of the many billions of sites in the world). And there are transient problems that occur more locally. (My provider's DNS servers went nuts the other night. google.com wasn't there. It just wasn't in the server. At all. Really? And it wasn't on every news show in the world? Using a public DNS, I was able to get back online. So when I can't get to a few websites, I don't try to figure it out past a few easy things - there are so many things that can cause it that it'll be fixed before I try to fix 1% of them. If my ISP knows their DNS servers were poisoned, they can fix it with a click - I'd have to take hours to get to the point that I could make a good guess that it was their servers.)

    The question is, is it working now? If it's a long-term problem, and it works on wifi and on LTE on their phones, but not on LTE on your phone, it's probably a setting wrong on your phone, or something went wrong with the phone. If it's a short term thing - a day or so - something happened that you and the store personnel may never be told about. (When MCI lost their fiber, back around 1996, and traffic across the Mississippi went the long way [Asia, Europe, Trans-Atlantic cable, etc.], very few people other than MCI employees and administrators of networks located on both sides of the break knew about it - but we did lose some weight that night. Thirty minute ping times aren't to be expected on a dial-up connection, let alone with broadband. Not even to the moon.)
    04-26-2015 07:41 PM

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