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    Since upgrading to Lollipop, I cannot seem to get my Note4 to satisfy these requirements:

    1. There needs to be a mode in which all notifications are silenced (both volume-wise and vibration-wise) except for phone calls and my alarm clock app (which happens to be an app called Timely).
    2. This mode should automatically enable itself at 10pm at night and disable itself at 8am (or force me to manually disable it).

    From what I can tell, my Note4 comes with a "Do Not Disturb" in the sound settings, and as I go through the settings, it seems like exactly what I want. However, it simply does not work. For example, in DND mode, my calender vibrates and my alarm won't sound. This is pretty much the exact opposite of what I want. I've configured exceptions for my alarm clock app called "Timely" (it's in priority mode), but still it won't sound.

    I can work around the vibrating issue by simply turning vibration off on my calendar app (not ideal, but sound-only during the day may be sufficient). But I can't work around the alarm clock issue.

    Anybody encountered this issue and have ideas on how to resolve it?

    04-26-2015 12:42 PM

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