1. mariokaram's Avatar
    Hello fellow members, it is my first time on this forum so please be easy

    I own a galaxy note 4, and i went to bed with 54% battery, and when i wake up my phone was dead (i usually dont charge it at night and it will keep running). After it turned on, i checked for battery consumption but everything was normal (screen 36%, system OS... )
    i am using action launcher 3..
    Did anyone have this problem? Or anyone can fix this? Thanks in advance!!
    04-27-2015 01:37 AM
  2. alice phoebe's Avatar
    Go to Settings – Power Saving and select Power saving
    Turn off any applications or features that aren’t being used, such as Wi-Fi, or GPS.
    Turn the screen brightness and volume down.
    Turn off vibrations.
    Check that the phone is up to date through Settings – Device – Install system updates – Check now.
    Restart the Galaxy Note 4 periodically
    Go into Settings – Battery and assess which applications are using the most power. If you encounter a problematic application uninstall or disable it.
    Factory Reset the device and reinstall applications selectively.
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    04-27-2015 03:22 AM
  3. mariokaram's Avatar
    I did all of these steps, except for factory reset. I even checked process stats from developer option but nothing.. Thanks for the reply !!
    04-27-2015 04:29 AM

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