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    Hi! Galaxy S4 Active with the newest update (5.0.1) installed yesterday (yuck). I am getting notification previews on the lock screen from Gmail AND text/SMS. I would like to continue to get only the text/SMS previews, not the email ones. The trick is that I would still like to get the little email envelope icon ion the top status bar to let me know I have an email. (This was my set up in the previous software version and I want it back!).

    I have already gone to "My Device->Sounds and Notifications->Notifications on Lock Screen" There are three options to choose from: "Show all content", Hide sensitive content", & Do not show notifications". This is a general setting for "all or nothing" so I cannot pick and choose SMS but not Gmail. Therefore, I went into "My Device->Sounds and Notifications->Application Notifications" and selected Gmail. Here there there are only two options which are: "Block all notifications" or "Set as priority". (There is a 3rd option I have heard that is only visible if you have a password or pattern when the phone is locked - I do not have one, and do not want one so this setting won't help). When in the Gmail specific settings, if you pick "block all notifications", the little envelope will not even appear and "Set as Priority" still gives the preview in the middle of the lock screen.

    So, with all that troubleshooting done already, anybody have a clue as to how to get this set up on the lock screen: Text preview-YES, Text envelope in top status bar-YES. Email preview-NO, email envelope in top status bar-YES). If the answer is that it can't be done, I will accept that and move on with my life (after some therapy), but until someone says "nope, can't be done", I'm going to keep trying until I go crazy. HELP PLEASE!!!!
    04-27-2015 08:01 AM

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