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    How do I merge/link phone contacts with e-mail contacts and facebook contacts on android 4.4.4?
    I had windows phone, and finally I synced all contacts from the old phone to the new one - phone numbers, e-mails, facebook. But they are under different names for one person. For example - my wife number is under DG name, her facebook account is under DiGi name, her e-mail account is under DiaG name... And many others contacts are like this. There is option to merge the duplicate contacts, but this option recognises only the contacts with the same name. I can not find manualy to merge contacts - Let's say I merge DG with DiGi with DiaG - only one entry in the contact log but with all her contacts - phone, e-mail, fb - so I can choose how to contact her.
    On the windows phone when you open contact, under settings/edit there was function link, when you press this function you can choose from the contact list a contact you can link.
    I can not find such a function on the android 4.4.4. And I cannot manually change all names so the automatic merge duplicate function can detect phone number and fb to merge them into one contact.
    Any ideas, because it's annoying to have so many contacts for one person?
    Thanks in advance.
    04-27-2015 10:08 AM

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