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    My Lenovo A328 Android Mobile has a feature to save battery
    How does it save memory ?
    If you are connected to Wifi or data connection and downloading an APP from Google Play Store ..it works fine ...if your screen is turned off ...download paused ...after you turn your screen on ..it starts download
    another scenario
    If whatsapp installed on this mobile ...screen on ..you get the messages ...if screen turned off ..you dont get any alerts or messages on whatsapp ..and when you turn on your screen ..net connection is active and now you get all messages on whatsapp

    How to resolve this issue of net connection turns off ..is screen is OFF ..because of this ..i need to check every minute message from whatsapp and turn on the screen if i need to download anything big ..it should NOT turn off the screen ..
    04-28-2015 02:00 AM

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