1. AC Question's Avatar
    Using Android 5.0.2 (now) on a Sony Xperia Z2 - the other day I had the phone in my pocket and suddenly it reset itself and did some updates, resulting in resetting the phone back to factory settings and presenting a new GUI. I'm not sure which version I had before the update happened, but I'm on 5.0.2 now. I was not connected to any wifi at the moment, nor did I initiate any update.

    Anyone else experienced this? What can cause this? Even if auto updates were enabled, should it not wait until the phone is connected to wifi before initiating an update?

    04-28-2015 04:27 AM
  2. Marcelo Balestrini's Avatar
    I have a MotoG that just did the same on my face. W/O any warning and in locked status, the screen got black and then the Android green logo with the text "erasing" showed up. End result mobile device set to factory default! My phone is not a toy but a business tool. I had the google backup options activated however it seems I can only recover "contacts and WiFi settings". This is completely unacceptable I cannot express the frustration I have now.
    Anyone with a good understanding as to why these phones reset themselves and how to get all back thru the Google backup feature?
    08-14-2015 09:24 AM

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