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    Where I work we are running on a windows 2012 R2 server along with exchange server. All new employees are set up with Android phones but the exchange contacts do not appear until you manually go into that employee's outlook, click address book, select all and "copy to contacts". There are a few Administrative staff who have iPhones, and this is not an issue. Once the email is set up, the contacts automatically sync from the exchange server/Active Directory. All sync settings are set up correctly on the phones.

    Is it really the case that, when you are setting up exchange in Androids, that you have to manually copy the address book to the contacts in order for them to appear and sync in the phone? Why wouldn't this be necessary on an iPhone? I thought the whole point of exchange was to make syncing seemless? It isn't if I have to manually copy contacts on 200+ computers! What am I doing wrong here? Does anyone else have this issue? When you setup exchange on android, do the contacts auto sync? If so, what are you doing that I am not!? There is no way that this is how is it supposed to be. Why wouldn't these contacts automatically sync, when they do with an iPhone? I cannot imaging that large companies that run on android based phones have to manually copy the address book to contacts on ever machine in order to have users able to see all contacts in their phone.
    04-30-2015 09:05 AM

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