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    On kitkat i had set a password for my lock screen (not a pin or a pattern) and i was using Swype to enter my password in (i added my password to my custom dictionary).

    Once i upgraded to Lollipop Swype was disabled. I typed in my password but it told me i had entered in an invalid password.
    I wrote down every possible combination i could think of and tried them one by one. Then i found i could access swype and my custom dictionary by attempting to make an emergency call, then clicking on add contact and searching for a contact. At this point i can swype in my password (or just start typing it) and i can see the only entry for my password (or course it was the first password i attempted to enter), however entering the correct password still comes up with invalid password....
    Im wondering if passwords with ' in them have changed in how they are encrypted... or maybe swype passwords have something extra (as i have to type it in now with lollipop.
    If someone could please help me i would be very very grateful as i am currently on month 2 of a 4 month trip and my phone has all the photos and videos i havent uploaded to my blog. (im using someone elses computer so it may take a bit for me to respond)
    05-01-2015 01:22 AM

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