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    The problem is rather complex at the moment. I have a, I believe, soft-bricked (because I can boot it into recovery and I can mount the SD card and transfer files between the phone, when it is turned on, and the pc) alcatel ot 6030x, which makes finding the stock rom for the phone really tough (I havent been able to find it). There are some that are confirmed to be working and Ive downloaded them but, I dont have a way for flashing them. From some weird reason, the phone connects to pc and then disconnects a few seconds later so installing the proper drivers for sp flashing tools and such are a nightmare, I havent been able to complete it properly. Because of that, flashing directly from pc isnt a solution, at least I think so. I can access TWRP recovery on the phone so Iv tried adb sideloading, I can push files to the phone without trouble (at least the adb drivers are working) but when the flashing needs to be done, I get the "no MD5 file found" error, I also have little clue how to solve that (I cant switch off md5 checking). On the other side, when I try to restore a ROM backup, TWRP gives me "unable to mount '/data'" error so that doesnt work either. The same happens when I try to whipe dalvik cache, which I believe to be necessary for further steps (mabey.?). I really need some directions and help with solving this. As it is soft-bricked, I figure it can be salvaged somehow but I have no clue how, after Ive tried all I could find online. In case if anyone wonders how it got bricked in the first place, I have no idea about that either, it was shutting down on itself for a day or two and then just froze while I was listening to music and then it got stuck in the bootloop.. Please, someone help me somehow, Ill be able to follow instructions, I just need some pointers, i hope Thanks in advance
    05-03-2015 07:02 AM

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