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    Hi everyone. I switched from the Iphone 5 to the HTC One M7 (via swappa) about 4 months ago. The M8 was out already, however I’ve always LOVED the M7’s design so I gave it a try. The phone was great at first, and to a certain extent still is except for one jarring problem: about 40% of the time, when I am on a call (both received and initiated) the phone locks up and it won’t let me unlock or open any apps, or hang up. If I am on the lock screen and I try to swipe up, the phone acts like it is going to the pattern unlock screen but goes back to the lock screen. If I had the phone unlocked, I will hit an app icon, the app opens and quickly closes on its own. I have to resort to holding the power button to do a hard restart. I have reset the phone 5 times to no avail. Before the most recent reset, the phone was randomly vibrating the entire time it was connected to the call.

    The problem has gotten so out of hand that I am debating getting rid of the phone. I like HTC overall and love the design and quality of the ONE line, but seeing that I am on a budget I don’t want to spend money on the HTC One m9, the most economical choice is a refurbished M8 for $160 (before trade in value of HTC m7) via my carrier What are your thoughts on the M8, is it worth the risk to buy refurbished? An even better option would be a trick to fix my current phone so this doesn’t happen anymore.
    05-04-2015 03:25 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It depends on the carrier - some of them have phones refurbished at "Joe's Refurbishing and Car Wash". A good refurbished phone is one that the carrier sold, and it was returned in a few days because the customer wanted a different phone. Then the phone was fully checked out (much more than a new phone is at the factory) and if there's nothing wrong with it, it's repackaged and sold as a refurb. (If there are any non-minor problems, the phone ends up bcack at the manufacturer who either replaces the entire subsystem [camera, motherboard, etc.] or scraps the phone.)

    I have no problems with a refurb - my current daily driver is one, and it's about 18 months old now.

    As for the old phone, "the phone was randomly vibrating" is normally a sign of water damage. You don't have to get the phone wet - leave it in a car in sub-freezing temperatures overnight, then bring it into a warm building. The condensation inside the phone, as the warm, more humid air (warm air holds more moisture than cold air), hits the cold components eventually causes damage to the phone (it takes time for a stray conductive path to turn into a real short). Since you can get an M7 on Swappa in good condition for about $150, and it's about the same price for a refurb M8, it doesn't pay to have that one repaired (it could cost more than to replace it). And if they don't give you a reasonable trade-in amount - M7s in worse shape than yours are listed on eBay for over $150 - sell it on eBay (make sure you're honest - it works but it resets itself, and sometimes it buzzes during calls, or something like that).

    You could also, of course, first try reflashing the stock ROM. A little bit of corruption in the ROM could cause all sorts of seemingly-unrelated problems.
    05-04-2015 06:42 PM
  3. Matt Frazier's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your detailed answer. My carrier is t-mobile, I have already checked the trade-in value of my M7 is it is pegged at $50.. not very impressive considering I paid $225 for it. I personally don’t think the phone call problem will go away so it is probably best I get a new phone. Belive it or not, I am not opposed to another M7 (I’m a design junkie personally think it is the most beautiful smart phone ever made) but my carrier no longer carries it, and I will have to get it off swappa again. Another worry is how the software has aged and how it compares to a relatively newer phone like the M8. Can anyone vouch if the camera has improved?

    I may perhaps get the M9 down the road after the launch kinks are worked out, but the M8 seems to be best bet.
    05-05-2015 10:48 AM

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