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    My Moto G LTE has turned off by itself once or twice in the past. At those times I simply turned it back on and it continued to work properly for a good long while. The time span between these times was like weeks or so. Just last week my phone died during the night and it refused to turn on, I had set it to charge and the LED notification was constantly on. Upon researching this problem I learnt others had the same issue but instead when they pressed the power button the LED light blinked no one reported anything about the constant LED light so I am wondering if its significant. I tried holding down the power and volume buttons for up to 3 mins to no avail although some people reported it takes long so maybe I should try that. However after a long time of keeping it charged the charging screen came on showing the battery at 0 % and after it got some percentage up I was able to turn it on. Now my problem is that after this incident my phone has been turning off literally about 10 times a day, the time span between each is sometimes as short as 5 minutes. Even when charging the phone it turned off and now my phone has turned off again and refuses to turn on. Please help, do I need a new battery or something ? The phone is only like 8 or months old.
    05-05-2015 07:24 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. You might need a new battery. The first thing I would suggest is this: Contact Motorola. Since the device should still be in warranty, they should be able to fix it.
    05-05-2015 07:59 AM

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