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    I have the absolute latest, version of Android Studio for Windows, downloaded from the official Google website. I installed it, and after creating my first project, the VERY FIRST THING I did before writing any code for it (Android Studio automatically generates the bare minimum code needed to cause an app to start) was to go to the build menu and click Make Project. But when I go to the folder that SHOULD contain the APK file "C:\Users\MYNAME\AndroidStudioProjects\MyFirstApp\app\build\outputs\" something is obviously missing. That something is the APK file. All I find in this output folder is another folder called "logs" that contains a log file.

    Please tell me step by step, how to configure the latest version of Android Studio for Windows, to output an APK file when you click the Make Project menu item in the Build menu.
    05-05-2015 03:32 PM

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