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    In order to prepare for Project Fi, I've transferred my Google Voice number to a secondary Gmail Account (losing integration with all of my primary Google presence, of course). I need to maintain my existing Voice number, the only number I give out, to keep my free home phone VOIP service (on an OBI-100 adaptor) on that number, to keep the ability to click numbers in the Chrome browser on my pc and have them ring back to my office phone (for me, one of the most useful Voice features), to keep the ability to forward calls to any and all phones inside or outside of Android, within daily time windows - and to keep the "single number for life" standard that was the original main theme of Google Voice when it was first introduced.

    But for any of this to work, I especially need to forward calls from Voice to Project FI, which will be my ported T-Mobile cell number (which I only use to receive text notifications from websites that use the carrier email protocol to send messages, and therefore can't send them to my Voice number - will this also be impossible with Fi?) - just as I now forward calls from Voice to that T-Mobile number as well as my home phones.

    If I can't forward from Voice to Project Fi, then it will indeed be true that Project Fi will "destroy my Google Voice account", in the sense of its primary function of providing me with "one number for life" - despite the narrow-minded posings of Android-Myopic blog writers who apparently can't even begin to conceive of anyone, anywhere, ever being interested in communicating on a device that doesn't run you-know-which operating system.

    Thanks for any assistance.
    05-09-2015 07:15 AM

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