1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello everbody! I have at&t galaxy note 3. I recently tried to get the lollipop update on my phone. The update file was successfully downloaded but when my phone tries to install the update, i would a message saying "Install Interrupted". I tried factory restoring my phone in hopes that the update would install but I still got the "Install Interrupted" message. Does anybody have any advice on how to get this update installed on my phone? Thanks!
    05-09-2015 01:13 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Bring the phone into the carrier (or, if you're in the US, to a Best Buy store and look in the cellphone area for the Samsung rep) and ask if they can please update your phone. (If it's ever been rooted, it won't update - you'll have to flash a stock ROM first.)
    05-09-2015 11:26 PM

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