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    A while ago, my phone decided to show me the message "Error while downloading ...... . Insufficient storage available" when downloading apps, despite me having around 300 Mb more than was required. After some thorough internet research, I found that the best way to solve the issue was to install an App Cache Cleaner. This worked, and I was able to install apps once more. However, after a while, the message started appearing again, except this time, it was just "Insufficient storage available". I researched this issue, and found that the only possible way to solve it was to clear the data from the Google Play app. This just made things worse, as it has gotten rid of the Google Play Services app, and I cannot do anything without reinstalling, and updating it...which I can obviously not do. I'm using a moto E. PLEASE HELP!!!
    05-10-2015 11:30 AM

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