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    Had my HTC One m8 for a while now, never gave me any real problems until recently. Although I did have to do the whole battery reset thing before...

    Anyways, this started a couple days ago. I noticed that I had to keep the charger in a certain position for the phone to charge. Basically with the phone flat and the cable hanging down, or putting weight on it the cable. It doesn't seem like it's overly loose though. just wiggled a bit but I feel like it was always like that. When you first plug it in it fits snug and almost "clips" in. The little part in the middle that sticks out doesn't move at all.
    At first that was the only issue, but with time I noticed the charge got super slow and if I was using the phone it would basically just die slowly so I assumed the contact surface was dirty or something so I got a little pin and out came a wee bit of dirt from the corners of the port. Thought it helped a bit initially as I was able to use the phone and have it actually charge but then the battery percentage started going down again so I stopped using the phone but then it would just remain at 15% battery even with EBS mode on. I checked the battery usage, doesn't seem to be any apps causing unusual drainage on the battery as far as I can tell. I've turned the phone off and it still goes back and forth from 14-15%. When I "cleaned" the port, I wasn't able to fit the pin on one side of the little "fin" or whatever you wanna call it inside the port. Could that be it? I mean, when the cable is pushed down (in order for the phone to charge) it'd be making even less contact with that area so I don't think it's relevant.
    Anyhow, since the port isn't overly loose, could it maybe be a bad battery connection? It's getting pretty frustrating now haha
    05-11-2015 01:59 AM

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