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    Purchased in December, so I've had it in mint condition for 6 months but the battery won't last me a solid day like it used to average 8-12 hours with still at least 20% after being at work all day or at school. From the phone being at 100% leaving to work, 5 hours goes by of it being it in my pocket and its already alerting me low battery. The two main apps I used during work is the calculator and google keep (my coworkers and I use for inventory, I work for Wireless Advocates Cellphones inside of Costco). With that said my usage is very minimal, hardly a quarter of my day goes by my phone is very hot and at 18%. Which is strange since my coworker also has a Verizon Note 4 and has incredible battery life on hers. Prior to this when I first noticed my phone declining in battery (prior to the lollipop update) we compared what features were disabled/enabled and I stripped it down of all the bells and whistles to match her device hoping it would improve my battery life. It did not, I even have it on "power saving mode" not the ultra. I've done one hard factory reset about 3 months ago...since its under one year warranty I need recommendations on how to go about this. Please leave any advice or tips. Thank you!
    05-11-2015 03:16 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    There are so many possible causes that it's difficult to know where to start. Have you considered that the battery may simply be failing? Have you had it tested, or tried swapping batteries for a while with your friend to see how the two devices perform?

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    05-11-2015 04:35 AM

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