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    A file viewed from a usb on my galaxy 2 and then deleted, will reappear if an attempt (at a later date) to view a new usb file using that same name is made. The earlier (deleted) file overrides the new file. How do I find where the old file is stored so I can remove it completely?
    I do a lot of work with pictures for a car club I'm in and will typically label, temporarily, a, b, c, etc. pictures from a recent club event. Then when I'm through working on them I assign permanent names. The galaxy 2 is a handy device to carry to meetings or events and show others what I'm working on. When I next try to load in pictures a, b, c, etc of a more recent event, I can't see them. The old picture of that file name (a, b, c...) comes up. There must be a way to get rid of such files.
    05-11-2015 03:22 PM

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