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    I'm upgrading my S4. One of the biggest annoyances is having to have a PIN on it after I install FoxFi. I'd prefer the S5, but am also considering the S6.

    FoxFi requires a higher level of security, requiring the PIN on my S4. From reading other posts, it appears the S5's fingerprint reader is not sufficiently secure, and I'd have to stick with a PIN, but I'm not certain.

    It appears the S6's is secure enough, but again, I haven't heard that explicitly. I've asked this question four different ways from Samsung reps, and all I get is "our fingerprint reader is very secure."

    So my question is really for FoxFi users on the S5 and S6. Once it's installed, can you use the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
    05-12-2015 10:51 AM

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