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    I have seen a couple of posts on here of how to do it, one with the model number of my carrier (Tmobile) and the S/N. That did not work, nor did the 3 buttons hard reset, volume down x3 then again x7 etc.

    These seem to be remedies from about a year so so ago, There is an updated operating system, any suggestions. Think its like 4.4 or something now. Sorry, not a big tech guy. So any help with this would be highly appreciated.

    It does connect to kies 3, and I have gotten I think all of my pictures and such off. Though it possibly still has my contact lists, my info etc. When I tried doing the Model and S/N it said it failed to connect? Though it went through a long process and still nothing wiped.

    05-13-2015 07:56 PM

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